Some pictures

February 8, 2009

It’s about time I put something on this blog, so here are a few illustrations I’ve done in the last month or so…



On fresh starts, may as well begin with Obama.  This was for The Week’s cover on his inauguration — will he live up to the dream?

Lords on the take?

Another from The Week — ‘Lords on the Take’?

Then, for the launch of Compliance Review magazine, non Lords on the take more generally:



This next one was to illustrate a story in Outdoor Life magazine: a woman in Arizona ran for a mile to her car with a rabid fox’s jaws clamped around her arm:


And another Outdoor Life story — a neighbourhood gets a new Bear Cop to keep the peace:


One thing I’ve been particularly enjoying lately has been illustrating an excellent series of books by Dotti Enderle about a couple of boys who investigate spectral nuissances, the Ghost Detectors:

Book 1's cover

Book 1's cover

Book 2's cover

Book 2's cover

There will be six books in all.  The interior illustrations are black and white, and are looking a bit like this:



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