The election race begins

April 12, 2010

With the general election set for 6 May, the race is on. . .

Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown and David Cameron's election race

"They're off! The election race begins": The Week, 9 January 2010


3 Responses to “The election race begins”

  1. Craig Says:

    Hi Howard, Just became aware of your caricatures when I saw this weeks “the week”. Great Nick Clegg caricature indeed! Loving your work amigo!

    • mcbillhow Says:

      Thanks Craig — especially since Clegg is on the nondescript side, I’m just pleased you knew who he was supposed to be!

  2. Craig Says:

    Yeah of course, its was right on the button! I’ve been trying to capture him for a while now with no great success. You may have already seen the new spitting image puppet of him, these guys are usually right on the ball but I thought that one was a even tad off, he’s a toughy. All the best!

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