Matey time

May 1, 2010

The new characters I created for the Matey bubble bath bottles are beginning to appear in the shops.  Max Matey, along with Molly Matey and Pegleg Matey are designed to help make bath time fun for kids.  I’ve never illustrated for shrink wrap before; it was quite tricky so I’m glad none of them turned out to be Picasso Matey!

Matey bubble bath bottles

Molly Matey, Max Matey and Pegleg Matey are in the shops now


6 Responses to “Matey time”

  1. steve Says:

    Why have they only asked for three when there was four previously?

  2. Matt Says:

    I like these – I was looking forward to seeing how they turned out. I particularly like Pirate Matey’s rakish moustache.

    • mcbillhow Says:

      Thanks Matthew. If only it had been done after your Christmas pencil moustache experiment it could have been even better…

  3. parfay Says:

    I found your blog whilst searching for matey, it’s an honour to (virtually)meet the illustrator of the bottles! The reason I was searching for matey is that I was marveling at having realised that Pirate Matey is actually just playing dress-up! Absolute shame they didn’t have you do Doctomatey as well.

    Gorgeous work with enough detail to keep me staring at the bottle for ages!

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