The Stone Roses for The Word magazine

June 12, 2012

I’ve been doing a few cover illustrations for The Word magazine recently. Here’s the most recent, of The Stone Roses:

'The Resurrection starts here. The Stone Roses': The Word, June 2012

‘The Resurrection starts here. The Stone Roses’: The Word, June 2012


15 Responses to “The Stone Roses for The Word magazine”

  1. Will Reardon Says:

    This is absolutely brilliant Howard! I keep coming back to have another look so thought I should comment!!

  2. Howard Says:

    Thanks Will, glad to hear it!

  3. […] illustration above, ‘The Resurrection Starts Here – The Stone Roses’ is by Howard McWilliam and features in the June 2012 edition of Word magazine). Share […]

  4. Rob Says:

    Hi Howard, Luv your stone roses illustration… you’ve done a great job of capturing their images and the whole aspect of ‘The Stone Roses’

  5. Gary McMahon Says:

    Hi Howard how can I buy this print from you could you send me a link please?

    • mcbillhow Says:

      Hi Gary,
      There’s no official channel or website to buy it as a print I’m afraid. However, if you can guarantee it’s not for publishing purposes then I’m happy to email you the high res file for you to print or get printed yourself. I can get proper art prints done at a professional printers, but it is £50 for an A3.

      • mark lindsay Says:

        🙂 I know Gary he was asking me about this earlier. Thats really good of you to offer the high res pic .

        Would you like some free fan made bootlegs of the Heaton Park shows as a thank you ?



  6. mark lindsay Says:

    Amazing image of THE band. Saw them 4 times this year each gig better than the last and the first one was pretty special 🙂

    Are there prints available at all?


    • mcbillhow Says:

      Thanks Mark. Wish I’d got to see them during the reunion, glad you enjoyed it.
      Just posted a comment about prints below — happy to do the same if you’re interested.

  7. mark lindsay Says:

    markybhoy at gmail.com

    Cheers 🙂

  8. mcbillhow Says:

    No worries Marky, Gary — will email that to you both now. Would love to hear the Heaton Park show, that’s a very kind offer.

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