‘What If You Had Animal Teeth?’

April 11, 2013

While I was in the States, I got my first sighting of a new book I’ve illustrated for Scholastic in the US.  What If You Had Animal Teeth explores what would happen if your own front teeth were replaced by those of a different animal. It was a fun opportunity to draw kids with some unusual teeth, including those of beavers, elephants, rattlesnakes and crocodiles. Check out a few examples of what I came up with below:

What If You Had Animal Teeth is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the US; and from Amazon in the UK.


4 Responses to “‘What If You Had Animal Teeth?’”

  1. Hannah Tuohy Says:

    So funny! Great work!

  2. marion Says:

    I love your pictures! I’m a french zoo educator and ’m hoping to use it for an educational signage. We are talking about animals teeth at our zoo… Could you please answer me at : pedagogie@zoo-amneville.com ?
    Best regards

  3. I discovered this beautiful work. I am also an illustrator and my boyfriend is a dentist so I think that, even though we are no longer children, we will get your book soon 😉 Your works are amazing!

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