Award for ‘When a Dragon Moves In’

May 8, 2013

Very privileged to learn that Jodi Moore and I have won the 2012-13 Georgia Picture Storybook Award for When a Dragon Moves In. Amazing to be honoured two years in a row after winning last year with Amanda Noll for I Need My Monster. Thank you to everyone who voted!

Front cover of 'When a Dragon Moves In' (Flashlight Press)

Front cover of ‘When a Dragon Moves In’ (Flashlight Press)


4 Responses to “Award for ‘When a Dragon Moves In’”

  1. Hannah Tuohy Says:

    Congratulations! I love this book!

  2. Carlos Says:

    Best drawings around…

  3. I read this book to my kids and that’s what made me Google you. You inspire me to want to get back into cartoon illustration. Your stuff is great and that book is beautifully done.

    • mcbillhow Says:

      Thank you Rick – we’re just working on a sequel now. It’s great to think I’ve inspired someone… I’m not sure why you left cartoon illustration, but you should pick up those pencils again 😉

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