Further to my previous post, here are a few more illustrations from the Colorado  ‘Which Way USA’ puzzle book:


I’ve been working on a series of puzzle books in the US called ‘Which Way USA’, each based around a different state.  Here’s a few illustrations from the Texas puzzle book:

Very privileged to learn that Jodi Moore and I have won the 2012-13 Georgia Picture Storybook Award for When a Dragon Moves In. Amazing to be honoured two years in a row after winning last year with Amanda Noll for I Need My Monster. Thank you to everyone who voted!

Front cover of 'When a Dragon Moves In' (Flashlight Press)

Front cover of ‘When a Dragon Moves In’ (Flashlight Press)

Here’s a peek at some of the illustrations for a book I worked on for the US market with Scholastic.  What I Saw in the Teachers’ Lounge sees a small boy takes a peek inside the teachers’ lounge – and he can’t believe what he sees! It was a fun opportunity to draw everything from teachers surfing and going on safari, to teachers wrestling a grizzly bear and riding camels:

It’s available in the States as both a print book and an e-book.

While I was in the States, I got my first sighting of a new book I’ve illustrated for Scholastic in the US.  What If You Had Animal Teeth explores what would happen if your own front teeth were replaced by those of a different animal. It was a fun opportunity to draw kids with some unusual teeth, including those of beavers, elephants, rattlesnakes and crocodiles. Check out a few examples of what I came up with below:

What If You Had Animal Teeth is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the US; and from Amazon in the UK.

Continuing with the children’s illustrations, here’s my picture for the final cover in the Kit Salter series (available from Amazon):

Front cover image for 'The Shaman's Secret'

Front cover image for ‘The Shaman’s Secret’

… and here’s what the final cover design looked like:

Front cover of 'The Shaman's Secret'

Front cover of ‘The Shaman’s Secret’

Here’s the front cover I did for a children’s script and songbook of Johnny and the Bomb by Terry Pratchett:

Front cover for ‘Johnny and the Bomb’

Front cover for ‘Johnny and the Bomb’

The songbook is availble on Amazon.

And finally, here’s a recent illustration I did for Clubhouse Junior magazine in the US:

Clubhouse Junior illustration

Clubhouse Junior illustration

As promised last post, here are a few illustrations as used inside the Ghost Detector books.  As you can see, these are a little different from the front cover illustrations, being black & white and with a slightly more ‘sketchy’ feel (click on a thumbnail below to enlarge the image):

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