Following on from my last post, here are a few photos from the Georgia Conference on Children’s Literature.  I presented a session on I Need My Monster with Amanda Noll, the book’s author.  It was great to meet Amanda in person for the first time, as well of course to get to know some of  I Need My Monster‘s readers.

I also travelled to the University of Denver whilst I was in the States to meet some of their animation students who are working on an animation of I Need My Monster.  They’re doing an amazing job – can’t wait to see the finished product!


It’s been a busy few weeks as alongside my regular commitments, I’ve squeezed in a trip to the United States in March.  I packed in visits to a lot of contacts, old and new, but the primary reason for my trip was to pick up the 2011-12 Georgia Children’s Picture Book Award for I Need My Monster.  It was a real privilege to receive the award and know that so many children have enjoyed my illustrations – and Amanda Noll’s great story of course.

Thank you to the readers of Georgia

Thank you to the readers of Georgia

Amanda and I have also been lucky enough to win the Nevada Young Readers’ Award, the Grand Canyon Readers’ Award and the California Young Reader Medal for I Need My Monster.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to pick up any of these award in person but you can watch my acceptance speech for the Nevada Young Readers’ Award on YouTube:

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